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I wouldn’t be surprised if SM knew that something was going to come out and went into damage control by cancelling f(x)'s promotion. I honestly think this is pretty selfish on Sulli's part and it seems she has no consideration for the other members. It's kinda sad that f(x) wanted to have a longer promotion for Red Light than they did with Pink Tape. They were also hoping to be more successful with this promotion, yet look what happened. I think Sulli has done a disservice to both the fans and the other f(x) members.

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There must of been a really good reason good for Kris not to say anything to the other members before leaving and filing for contract nullification. People seem to be forgetting that Hangeng and JYJ all left without mentioning anything to their members too. There is obviously something going on in SM that put the fear in them to not mention anything when they are struggling and wanting change.

really tired of this OT11 bullshit.

I know that these are practically reposts of my past 2 Kris birthday posts but during times like these I just look forward to your smile. During hard times like these I wish for your happiness. You did not need to put us before your sake. The fact that you did makes you the most selfless human being. Regardless of what you do, what you decide to do, I will support you until the end of time. I am forever a proud 凡baby and I am always thankful that you came into my life.

#WeBelieveInYouKris ♥

This may sound dramatic, but I will be done with kpop if this turns ugly. I am so over the drama and industry corruption.

I will stand by Kris no matter what.

i feel sick. i hope this is all just rumor.

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